Extra virgin olive oil Calabrese "Oliovinicola Pino" Tin 5 Lt

Virgin olive oil Calabrese "Oliovinicola Pino" Tin 3 Lt

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Huge expanses of olive trees on the sunny hills in Contrada Gallo, frame the quaint town of Amantea, a charming town located in the province of Cosenza.

And 'here that the Pino family has its roots and it is here that the founder of the company Agricola, James Pino, driven by a strong bond with his land and a strong spirit of enterprise and sacrifice, he built the first mill of family.

Thus began the extraordinary adventure of the production and dissemination of this valuable asset that nature gives man who, with great skill and extraordinary humility, knows pass from father to son.

For some years, the various processing stages, from harvesting of the olives to their transformation, were implemented following traditionally slow processes.
But the search for a more and more excellent quality for a consequent increasing customer satisfaction, have brought the Pino family to introduce more modern methods of cultivation and processing, accompanied by the use of machinery and tools which are well grafted on practical inherited from the past.

Since the company's birth has not changed the goal of the Azienda Agricola Pino: produce an oil of excellent quality in full compliance with the demands of nature, combining the traditions of the past with an open mind to the technological innovations.

As part of this philosophy are grafted investments implemented by Pino family for the expansion of the cultivated area, the construction of a new mill and the purchase of advanced equipment for the processing of olives into oil.

3 liter tin

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