Carciofi interi in olio extra vergine di oliva senza conservanti

Eggplant rolls with tuna in extra virgin olive oil

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Eggplant rolls are a simple and tasty recipe, which contains the essence of Mediterranean colors and ingredients, representing an example of how it is possible to eat healthy, without sacrificing taste and flavor, following the rules of healthy eating. and balanced, useful to prevent many diseases often linked to excessive fat consumption. Besides there is a product made only with local products such as aubergines, anchovies and tuna from our sea and dried local tomatoes too. Ideal for appetizers but also as a side dish or even as a quick meal.

Accompany them with our anchovies and anchovies to capture the true taste of Calabria and accompany them with an excellent red wine and a full-bodied hard bread.

Eggplant rolls Sole di Calabria contain aubergines, dried tomatoes, capers, tuna and anchovies without preservatives and colorings.

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