RISERVA ORO - Tuna in slices in olive oil Gr 80 X 3

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To produce Tuna Fillets in Riserva Oro oil, Callipo has been choosing the finest quality tuna for over 100 years and processes it completely in Italy (in the Maierato plant) in all its phases, following a centuries-old tradition to obtain the king of canned tuna.

After processing, the SERIE ORO tuna follows a long seasoning, which guarantees the tuna that intense and inimitable, but also natural, sea flavor.

After steaming the tuna, the best fillets of Callipo canned by hand are chosen one by one, following strict rules of hygiene and food safety.

The GOLD series of Callipo canned tuna is the only one that contains IODIZED SALT, an element that brings well-being and taste to your daily tables

This Yellowfin quality canned tuna stands out in the sea of preserves for its tender, compact and light pink flesh

INGREDIENTS: Yellowfin Tuna "Thunnus albacares", olive oil, salt

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