Matured Calabrian Soppressata Gr 350 approx

Matured Calabrian Soppressata Gr 350 approx

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350 Gr


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Soppressata di Calabria (or sopressata) is a sausage with a protected designation of origin. It is obtained with pork cut into chunks to which black pepper, fennel (grains) and salt and chilli are added. It is prepared by taking the best parts of the pork thigh, chopped and free of nerves and stuffing them into natural casing, in particular, the casing coming from the large intestine must be used, well washed with water, wine and lemon and soaked. Once the casing is filled, it is pierced with a pin and tied by hand. Everything is then left to dry in the air. After about two weeks, a linen sheet is placed on the floor and the soppressata are placed on it, close to each other, with the foresight to leave a space of about one centimeter between them.

The soppressate are then covered with another linen sheet, on top of which a board (or a turned one) is placed. Weights must be placed on the board in order to obtain the pressing that gives the salami its name. After about a week the pressing is stopped and the sausages are left to dry. During the drying phase, which lasts about two weeks, the trick is often used to light a brazier nearby which gives the product a light smoke, orange peel is added to the brazier to ensure aromatic smoking. operation of pressing (the "suppressed").

The product on sale here differs from many others also on the internet because it guarantees a still craftsmanship and the guarantee of a quality product free of gluten and milk derivatives.

Pack of 350 Gr Approx.

N.B. The weight is variable + -15%

Product shipped in a freshness-saving bag

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