Red wine Magliocco Ferrocinto IGP cl 75

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Magliocco Canino is an ancient red grape variety originally from Calabria, with even puntatine Marche and Sicily, which is the most famous Gaglioppo such as Carignano Sardinian Cannonau, Puglia Negroamaro with Primitivo, Frappato Sicilian Nero d'Avola , Piedirosso Campania Aglianico and so on. I mean that the first seem minor species native varietal and subordinate compared to already established brothers and that until recently were used almost always in assembly. But fortunately lately things have changed, because once discovered the quality of the wines produced in purity, these vines have begun to take its own and independent wine route.

Returning to their Magliocco, for the reasons stated before, only recently some Calabrian producers are geared towards its vinification, getting great results right away, with a wine characterized by a very elegant and fine marker, supported by a good alcohol, supported by strong fruity aromas and marked by a considerable aging capacity. Magliocco is grown on the Tyrrhenian side of the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro, where it found its ideal habitat and its clusters have a very slow ripening, with the harvest that takes place in mid-October.

The Azienda Agricola Campoverde di Castrovillari with Ferrocinto Seals produces an excellent Magliocco Calabria IGP, who with thousandth 2012 he won first prize at the last edition of Southern Roots in its category by the international jury and has also obtained the crown of good wines of Italy 2014. the soil is clay-calcareous nature, are 450 meters high at the foot of the imposing massif of Pollino, where already in 1855 (the famous vintage in the wine world for the classification of Bordeaux Grand Crus) they were planted the first vines, which were then renewed in 2003 with the most suitable types of farming and modern. After fermentation, the wine is passed in steel containers for six months, without going absolutely for wood. After the elevation in the bottle for a few months, the wine touches the alcohol content of 13.5 ° C. The chromatic effect that can be seen in the glass brings out a color more purple than Ruby, with violet effects at the edges. The flavor profile begins with gusts of dried fruit assaulting the nostrils, like a boxer in the ring on his opponent, and then continue to expand vegetable fragrance, floral and fruity. In the background, then you can feel a coté slightly spicy and herbs. The taste in the mouth exhibits suffered a vinous quid and caressing. Here the tannins have literally abdicated, formally maintaining a soft character, almost creamy, harmonious and pleasant. Perceptible floral and fruity memories connect the nose and mouth to the mnemonic scan. And so they highlight dried petals, red cherries and subtle mineral nuances. An interesting wine and different from the vast majority of concentrated southern red, full-bodied and colorful, but maintains very drinkable prerogatives and pleasantness that satisfy the taste buds.
magliocco ferrocinto
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