Red Wine Mastrogiurato Caparra & Siciliani cl. 75

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Mastrogiurato was the faudal official with powers to act in jurisdictional and tax matters. In the feudal lands, the most sumptuous fairs and religious festivals were managed by the Mastrogiurato, "who, as usual, hoisting the Royal flag, accompanied by gentlemen and lots of people on horseback and on foot, went there, and finished the day shooting himself at the target, successively win three pallets of silk cloth, which were exhibited as a prize. In the evening it rose in triumph and, amid shouts of joy, the said flag went around the city, and then was kept in the castle ”.

VARIETY Gaglioppo - Greco black

GRADATION 14.00% Vol COLOR Dense, with hints of garnet, on a background that tends to orange with aging

BOUQUET Very subtle of raspberry, of small fruits

TASTE Soft, because the refinement in small wooden barrels has helped to attenuate the tannins which appear pleasant and elegant

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