Rosé wine Iuzzolini Cirò Cl 75

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The Iuzzolini family is noted among the Cirotan families and lineages of the sixteenth century, in particular its distant descendant can be traced back to Luigi Juzzolini born in 1514; also in the seventeenth century there are many illustrious personalities including in notaries Carlo Juzzolini born in 1698. In the eighteenth century to buy the letter I instead of J. Many rich families of Cirò were born in 1500 going to constitute solid assets and among these the ancient Iuzzolini family. In 2005, some members of the Iuzzolini family began processing the grapes by adopting a modern and equipped cellar, thus realizing a dream handed down over time. This is a wine produced in the province of Crotone. It has a pink color, a soft and harmonious flavor and a delicate and floral scent with hints of flowers and spices. It goes well with fish-based dishes, white meats and creamy cheeses.

Type: Rosé.

Classification: Controlled Designation of Origin.

Grape variety: Gaglioppo.

Production area: Calabria, eastern center in the province of Crotone, in Cirò Marina, in the “Timpa Bianca” area.

Soil: white clay.

Altitude: from 50 to 100 meters above sea level

Training system: espalier with a density of 5600 plants per hectare.

Climate: Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

Harvest: manual first week of October.

Yield per hectare of grapes: 60-70 quintals

Vinification: destemming, soft pressing, yield of 60% free-run must on the grapes, followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature. Aging: in steel.

Aging: one month in the bottle at a controlled temperature.

Tasting: Color - salmon pink with cherry reflections.

Bouquet - delicate, floral with hints of flowers and spices. Taste - soft and harmonious. Alcoholic degree: 13% by vol.

Food pairing: it goes well with fish-based dishes, white meats and creamy cheeses. Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C.

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