Capocollo Calabrese stagionato artigianale Gr 500

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Gr 500


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The Capocollo di Calabria, another Calabrian pride, is prepared using the meat of the upper part of the pork loin, boned and then salted dry or in brine, with ground salt.
This cut of meat must have a layer of fat of about three or four millimeters to keep it soft during the seasoning phases and improve its organoleptic characteristics.
After salting, which lasts from four to ten days, the wine is washed with water and vinegar, pressed and added with black peppercorns.
Wrapped in a pig's parietal diaphragm and tied in an enveloping way, with natural twine, it is left to mature for at least one hundred days from the date of the salting.

The product on sale differs from many others also on the internet because it guarantees a workmanship that is still handmade and the guarantee of a quality product.

Pack of 500 Gr Approx.

N.B. The weight is variable.

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