Calabrian Capocollo Salumificio Pulice Gr 500 Sweet / Spicy

Spicy Spreadable Nduja Calabrese Salumificio Pulice Gr 350

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The n'duja is one of the Calabrian cured meats that is finding the most in the world. It is a sausage with a very spicy flavor and a very strong aroma. It has a creamy and therefore spreadable consistency, used a lot in the kitchen, in first courses as in appetizers and on bruschetta.
Produced without gluten and milk derivatives, nduja is obtained from the careful selection of fatty parts of the pig, such as bacon and bacon, and flavored with Calabrian pepper, from which it derives its intense and decisive taste. It is stuffed into natural casings, pierced and then tied by hand with natural twine, finally subjecting it to a slow maturation which is about sixty days.

Vacuum packed in slices of about 350 Gr (Weight drop +/- 15%)

Shipped in a freshness bag and gel cold accumulator ideal for ensuring that the product travels at controlled temperatures.

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